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March 12, 2009

Build Succeeded!

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In regards to my previous post, I dusted off an old open source C project I had downloaded and never got to successfully compile and run.  I spent just a few hours tonight with it and started fresh.   I got it to compile in VS 6.0, and then also got it to compile in VS 2008 as a native Win32 application.  I even ran it and got further than ever before.  The program is so old that there are some things broken though, and it’ll need some debugging. However,  I’m excited to have gotten over a big hump.  We’ll see what obstacles lie further down the road.

After debugging is complete, I’ll try to port it to managed C++, or whatever the hell they are calling it these days.   That way I can hopefully develop the Windows Forms with the more productive .NET APIs.  The C library the project is using to manage the GUI is archaic as hell.  It looks as though the previous developer probably spent alot of time writing the GUI.  Although, I must admit it is pretty.

I might even code all the .NET stuff in a C# DLL that the managed C++ project will reference.

I am having an issue with a couple of DLLs the program is dependent on.  I pretty much have to manually copy them to the output directory.  In the C++ project, when I right click a file, like my dependent DLL, there is no “Copy to Output” option as there normally is in other types of VS projects :*(


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