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March 19, 2009

CLR Enabled

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After porting my current hobby project over to VS 2008, I was having a problem with the OpenProcess function failing with “Access is denied”.   As it turns out, the preprocessor defined symbol PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS changed its definition at some point.  Previously in VS 6.0, it was defined as:


In VS 2008  it is defined as:


I’m not sure the significance of the extra F, but I replaced PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS with (STANDARD_RIGHTS_REQUIRED | SYNCHRONIZE | 0xFFF) to sidestep the extra hex digit, and the OpenProcess function call succeeded.

Then I enabled CLR support in the project settings and everything continued to work.  Wow, I can now start playing with CLR stuff in C++.  This is new ground for me.  Despite my experience with .NET in C#, and my undergrad C++ experience, I have this feeling it is going to be rough.  I can’t imagine all the wacky things I’m going to have to do to get C++ to play nicely with the managed memory system of the CLR.


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