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September 5, 2009

Primary Core Idea for Multicore Systems

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Due to the challenges of implementing truly multicore applications, many applications run better on systems with higher speed single core processors, rather than the typically slower speed multicore systems. Generally the multicore processors generally have greater value in their computing potential, but that potential is only reallized if all of the cores are utilized by a multithreaded application. Even when software developers go through the effort of spawning threads for some background work, this is sometimes intermittent, and there is often still a thread that does the majority of the processing. For windows applications, you often have a GUI thread that most of the work occurs on, and due to certain restrictions on how components in the GUI are accessed, you are forced to marshall background work back to the GUI thread.

Not being a computer engineer, I’m not sure if this is possible or feasible, but if there were a hybrid processor or system that included a single high speed core, and then several lower speed cores, then the speed issues with single threaded application would be mitigated while still giving you the value of a multicore system.

Perhaps a dual processor system that allowed a high speed single core processor in one slot, and a multicore process in the other slot. Single threaded applications would still run at reasonable speed, and multicore applications would be able to take full advantage of the value in multicore processors.


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